20 Slangs Only A True Blue Singaporean Will Know

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Bloggers open up about plastic surgery

And if they disagree This post of 20 Singapore Slangs is dedicated to all you true blue locally born Singaporeans out there. Bo Jio What it means: Arguably the most overused words in Singapore, “Bo Jio” is amazingly applicable to almost every situation in life. A hokkien phrase which means never invite, your friends will probably say it to you if you fail to share this awesome article with them.

Example of an irrelevant use of Bo Jio:

Blogs I read just cos they are chio (and I am bored / a creepy voyeur): A curated list. There are a lot of acbc (act chio buay chio) attention seeking bloggers also that I have gladly omitted.

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WAH AH BOY, SO FAT ALREADY AH! MAMA MISS YOU LEI. That may sound alien to foreigners but its home to us. Here are 20 Slangs only a Singaporean will know.

December 19, Ms Wendy Cheng, who is better known by her blogging handle Xiaxue, is holding a small purple object. She taps an app on her phone. The purple thing buzzes. Episode of her show typifies the style that made its producer, clicknetwork, the most subscribed among Singapore labels making Web videos: It is unscripted, saucy and short. Clicknetwork next year celebrates its 10th year in business. When it launched in , it had the market to itself and for good reason: There was no money in it.

But its founder Gillian Tan, 36, made the videos anyway. Ms Gillian Tan, founder of production companies Munkysuperstar Pictures and clicknetwork. No advertiser would put money into it.


The sun is shining brightly. A light breeze wafts through the park, rustling the dreamcatchers and fairy lights hanging by the yurt-like tent. This Instagrammable canvas structure is perched on the field, against a calming backdrop of blue and green, flanked by the soothing waves and a Pinterest-worthy picnic set-up.

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The year-old full-time blogger, known for sharing her bargain buys on online television show Budget Barbie on clicknetwork. When The Straits Times asked if she is bothered that she has problems recognising her former self, Ms Ang says she is unaffected and is happy with the way she looks now. I don’t think I look vastly different, just prettier. Whatever I wanted to change about my face, I have done,” she says, adding that she knew as a teenager what she wanted to change.

Since her first procedure, she has travelled to South Korea annually for more plastic surgery, though these operations were sponsored by various clinics and medical concierge agencies. She says she is not obliged to write anything for these sponsorships, but “will always make it a point to share my experience with my readers”. She does not know the exact cost of the procedures she has undergone, though she says the ones that involved recontouring her jawline and facial bones would have amounted to at least five digits in Singapore dollars.

In , she had another nose job and full-face fat grafting. A bump on the bridge of her nose was filed off, an implant was inserted for a higher bridge and her nose tip was reconstructed and made more defined. The implants used for such procedures can be made of silicone, gortex or the patient’s own cartilage. Ms Ang has silicone implants. For the fat-grafting procedure, fats were drawn from the back of her thighs and under her buttocks, then processed and injected into her forehead, laugh lines, cheeks and chin to plump up these areas and make her look younger.

Fat grafting can last for months, years or be permanent, depending on whether the grafted tissue gains a blood supply in the new location.

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Posted by Royalette at So instead, I created goals and accomplishments for the year ahead. It started with a 5 year goal and after accomplishing them, it felt really good to have had a ‘purpose’ in life.

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I grew a lot as a person and had learnt to appreciate things around me more and I kinda just grew up: During that growing process, I’ve learnt that some things in life don’t matter and others do. It used to be dreadful for me cause everything’s just about school, school and school well, i was a kid you see. But now that im almost a grown up, my relatives kinda take me more seriously and topics we talk about just get much more interesting cause i get interested in what they’re talking about too.

And they genuinely care. Its like i can totally be myself and not get judge or anything or its more of, i know that they’ll still love me. I guess not many people feel that way towards CNY But the time will come when you realize that family is more important then anything else. So here’s this year’s: Kinda like how a bride and groom would kneel and offer tea to their parents on their wedding day. I’ve been doing it ever since i was a kid and i never liked it when i was younger.

Believe it or not, i was a super shy girl.

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Ali Zeeshan Be the first to comment! The movie describes how female high school social cliques operate and the effect they can have on girls. Mean Girls is a American comedy film directed by Mark Waters. I found this odd so I just inquired why she is doing it. It was just a joke; obviously Mint is not a cleaner. I had no idea she was even upset about it.

Blog Christmas Event We did it again! Another fun loving bunch of participants we hosted at our Champagne SG Christmas event held on 25th Dec. They have a very interesting wine tasting concept. All the wines are stored in barrels as you can see in the photo, and everyone can go around free and easy to taste the wines a sampling portion that is , then finally they can choose which wine to have a full glass served.

We have a sumptuous Christmas food menu prepared as well, and dessert is sponsored by Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, yippee. We had the whole place to ourselves, and everyone just make merry.

#1966 | How to make friends all over the world: The Airbnb Edition

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Hottest Women In Tech Date: The website of AskMen released the top 10 of hottest women in tech. The details are as below: While there used to be a social stigma attached to geekdom, nowadays it DY s become fashionable to label oneself a nerd. While there are surely a cavalcade of factors behind this change, the rise of the internet has clearly played a substantial role in the nerd DY s ascent.

The proliferation of scientifically minded women has proved instrumental in this shift, as the majority of contemporary tech pundits seem to belong to the fairer sex. Stranger still, many of these women possess the kind of looks one normally associates with supermodels and A-list actresses which, admittedly, is a great way to capture the interest and attention of a garden-variety nerd.

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