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So the time is ripe to ask what advantages polygamy has over monogamy. Although plural marriage is banned in developed countries, it is surprisingly common, and popular, elsewhere with 55 percent of women sharing their husbands in Benin and an average of 16 percent of women doing so in less developed nations 2. Polygamy may be detested in developed countries but it is practiced to some degree in most societies studied by anthropologists. What did polygamy do for the Obamas and the Romneys that they could not accomplish with monogamy? Studies in animal behavior show that polygynous mating systems i. First, there may be a scarcity of adult males. Second, some males may have much better genes than others which is particularly important for populations where there is a heavy load of diseases and parasites to which resistance is genetically heritable. Third, females do better by sharing a mate who defends a good territory with plenty of food and cover than they would by opting to be the single mate in a bad territory. So much for birds!

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The following information was originally posted at polygamyinfo. It is reposted here as a research resource. Note from Apologetics Index: The vast majority of groups listed are offshoots of the Mormon Church.

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Texas- moving back to New England! Yes, or No, and why I believe in Polygamy, but do not practice it because my wife does not agree with it. My reasons are that if a man has more than one wife, he has some variety and does not feel the urge to seek other women outside of his marriage. As well, the normal duties of a wife are shared, giving less of a burden on one wife. The income level of the household is increased significantly if for instance the Husband works, and he has two Wives working.

Do you see a pride of lions with more than one Male?

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Old Testament[ edit ] Polygamy is explicitly not forbidden in the Old Testament. The Torah includes a few specific regulations on the practice of polygamy, [2] such as Exodus Over 40 important figures had more than one wife, such as Esau Gen Multiple marriage was considered a realistic alternative in the case of famine, widowhood, or female infertility.

Others argue that polygamy is allowed, but not for church leaders. Still others argue that the passage refers only to church leaders not divorcing their first wives.

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The description of the series indicates something of how the show will combine elements of a soap opera with more serious drama. Of course, all this comes with a new twist, as HBO pledges to explore “the evolving institution of marriage through a typical atypical family. While managing the household finances together and routinely sharing ‘family home nights,’ they try to keep simmering jealousies in check and their arrangement a secret–polygamy is illegal in Utah and banned by the mainstream Mormon Church.

Adding to Bill’s woes are a series of crises affecting his parents. Predicting the fickle tastes of the American public is a dubious endeavor.

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Best Rate it Polygamy is not a practice limited to the religion of Islam; rather, it is something well-known in the history of the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians, as well. It is only in the later times that their religious men frowned upon it or forbade it outright. However, when one looks into the early history of the religions, they will find that it was at least an acceptable practice, if not encouraged.

Polygamy in Judaism Polygamy existed among the Israelites before the time of Moses, who continued the institution without imposing any limit on the number of marriages which a Hebrew husband might contract. The Jewish Encyclopedia states, While there is no evidence of a polyandrous state in primitive Jewish society, polygamy seems to have been a well-established institution, dating from the most ancient times and extending to comparatively modern days. Some rabbis, however, counseled that a man should not take more than four wives.

Polygamy was prohibited in Judaism by the rabbis, not God. Rabbi Gershom ben Judah is credited by forbidding polygamy in the 11th century outlawing it for a 1, years that ended in to Eastern European Jews Ashkanazi. The Mediterranean Sephardic Jews continued to practice polygamy.

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By Lesli White Shutterstock. It is illegal in all 50 states. Yet, there are thousands of men, women and children in polygamous households in the U. The truth is that while many people view the practice as immoral, there is no place in Scripture that explicitly condemns it. The first instance of polygamy in the Bible was that of Lamech in Genesis 4: This included Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon who had multiple wives.

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Pro-Polygamy Websites Anti-Polygamy Websites Pro-Polygamy Websites This website includes links to both pro-polygamy and anti-polygamy websites for the purpose of research. Neither the author nor his publisher endorse any specific website. Websites both pro- and anti- that primarily exist for the purpose of selling a product usually a book have not been included.

Similarly, personal opinion websites those that are hosted on a common domain rather than having their own domain are not listed. Descriptions not annotated by the webmaster are taken directly from each website. If you would like your website considered for this list, please open the contact page and forward the URL. It makes more sense when you realize that this site opposes Tapestry Against Polygamy, which uses the polygamy.

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Rod Berne Rod Berne is a student, writer, and thought criminal. His columns run every Saturday. Follow him on Twitter. One other aspect worth thinking about is where the arguments supporting same-sex marriage will lead. Support for homosexual marriage has been buttressed by the idea that loving, consenting adults should be allowed the same status as traditional couples.

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God did not sanction polygamy in Old Testament times. That assumption is absolutely false! God has never approved, nor made lawful, more than one living wife for any man. Abraham was not a polygamist. While Sarah, his wife, lived, he never married any other woman. Abraham had an illegitimate son by Hagar. But that was an adulterous SIN. Although it renders it nonetheless a SIN, I think we can recognize extenuating circumstances.

For a wife in ancient times to go childless was felt to be a disgrace. It was Sarah, Abraham’s own wife, who brought to Abraham her servant handmaid, asking him to produce a child for Sarah by this servant woman. We can imagine Hagar to have been attractive, and not necessarily lacking in voluptuous charms simply because she was a servant. That temptation, under these circumstances, at Sarah’s instigation, might have been great. Certainly the very invitation coming from Sarah would have made it harder to resist.


This is a sizzling hot topic. To get that life, some of the men seek to marry women who are from those countries. Many of those women want to marry a Pakistani man, as most of those men come across as kind, sweet, charming, and debonair. To her, he is the man of her dreams. He tends to treat her as a princess. Those women need to know that a good number of those men are deceitful.

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I understand the concepts of why a Honorable-Spritual man would have to take on multiple wives. The most important piece to it all is to esteem the Most High and give honor to him. I have considered this option with my own husband, but I have found that through this test, I failed. I am still somewhat insecure and jealous over my husband. Mainly because of the fear that men tend to walk in their lusts and in their flesh instead of always taking the spiritual approach.

That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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