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Our love started from a rumor.. Bahkan hal sekecil apapun tentang mereka, hingga fakta-fakta yang tidak benar, menyebar dengan mudahnya bagaikan virus. Mereka sungguh berfikir bahwa kau tidak normal, Kai. Beberapa jam tadi, sebuah rumor miring tersebar ke seluruh pelosok media masa. Dan dalam sekejap berhasil menjadi trending topic di twitter. Betapa luar biasanya popularitas EXO hingga orang-orang mendadak menjadi pengidap penyakit galau akut.

Dating Taemin would be like:

Both of them purely frustrated. But one of them was near bursting out as roles switched. Taemin and Jongin were friends when they were kids. They moved away from each other, but they kept a secret.

— Taemin. Clips of Taemin “dating” Apink‘s Son Naeun resurfaced as fans hilariously claim they knew he had dating experience by the sweet way he treated his on-screen girlfriend! EXO Kai’s Baby Twin Is All Grown Up Now And Just Look At Him. 3.

Feel free to send me a messages! Worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try. Could you do jongin sceanrio about another idols hitting on his secret girlfriend and his becoming super jealous. I finally finished this and I really hope this makes up for the delay! In the huge stadium, you could hear the thunderous roar of the screaming fans at the music show.

Along with all the fans of various groups, you were there to support EXO, but most importantly, you were there to support Kai. Because Kim Jongin wanted to protect you from the bombardment of paparazzi and the lack of privacy, you and Kai have been secretly dating for about five months now. The whole time you prayed that he would glance over and see you. After their song ended, he gave you one last wink before leaving the stage.

Soon, SHINee also finished.

EXO – Tempo

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According to various netizen reports, EXO’s Kai was spotted hanging out with this popular idol and labelmate right before his dating news broke out. A photo of Kai, Taemin, and one other friend at.

O like to team up to tease Chanyeol. He said that there are two reasons, one is to save time and the other is because he’s sometimes scared to take a shower late at night after their schedule. O wanted to be a hairstylist but no one in EXO-K wants him as their hairstylist. He and the rest of the EXO members would watch it when they need a laugh. O is the type of guy that loves only one girl at a time.

O up to make him food, but if D. O refused, he will bite his ears. O likes patting Kai’s cheeks. O used to put a lot of effort into cooking but now all he does is bibimbap. O and Kai likes to watch variety shows together at the dorm.

Who would be your EXO boyfriend?

They are friends to SHINee. Our deepest condolences to both of them. Mark is having a World Tour with his fellow band members. Got7 is scheduled to have concerts in several countries and then they will have Japanese album comeback. Got7 is always busy. This is why our Mark rarely has a chance to visit his family in the USA.

Every SHINee and EXO fan knows that Taemin and Kai are close friends, and have been so ever since their early trainee r, it seems their skinship has caused a few to question the true nature of their relationship, even going so far as to ask if they are dating!

From facts to facts. I removed the old facts and the ex-members facts. I’m just copying and pasting.. CCTO I’m not sure whether it is true or not,okay? Baekhyun may look tough outside but is actually sensitive. Be careful when leaving comments, they might get hurt when they see hurtful comments. Kai has the darkest skin in the group. Chanyeol and Kai laugh the easiest. Sehun says that the 2 of them can go perform for the circus together.

Kai is very satisfied in his chinese language skills. O feels that Kai speaks chinese very well.

EXO Member Profile and Facts: Suho

Few hours ago your grandparents called me to inform that you were about to debut soon, and that you were very busy at the moment, they also told me not to worry. But neither of them knew we rarely kept in touch. After receiving their call, I feel so relieved, so I went to visit them. They cooked lots of delicious food for me, they said no matter how our relationship went, they still treated me as their granddaughter.

– ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I thought this was a dating scandal of them ㅋㅋㅋ Why did Dispatch take these photos though ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ – “Our friendship forever.

The following year, Kai , with encouragement from his father, auditioned at the SM Youth Best Contest; he won and received a contract. In , Exo-K’s D. That same year, Lay auditioned in Changsha, China, and subsequently moved to South Korea, while Xiumin attended an audition with his friend and won second place. The last member to join Exo-M was Chen , who took part in the casting system in Speaking at a Stanford University business seminar in May , SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo-man shared a strategy of debuting a new boy band that would be divided into two sub-groups, promoting the same music simultaneously in South Korea and China by performing songs in both Korean and Mandarin.

They were divided into two sub-groups: All versions of XOXO collectively sold over one million copies, making Exo the first South Korean artists to reach that milestone in 12 years. The album had over , pre-orders, making it the most pre-ordered Korean EP in history.

SHINee Members Profile

Shinee Lee Taemin was born on July 18, Growing up, Taemin dreamed of being a pilot until he discovered dancing when he was in 6th grade. Taemin viewed him in a different light and respected him in many aspects of his performance.

There were dating rumors that she was either dating Taemin, Sehun, Kai or one of Taemin’s friends. in the first pic it looks like she is sucking in that bubble lol besides does it matter who she or the exo boys, or shinee boys date its none of our business and its their private life.

Pertama-tama, saya akan memikirkan setiap anggota dan akan memikirkan apa yang bisa saya share. Cepat, saya akan mengatakan bahwa tidak ada dari mereka yang pacaran sekarang. Hal itu adalah yang sangat saya ketahui sampai sekarang, walaupun mungkin beberapa anggota sedang menyukai seseorang, atau sesuatu yang seperti itu. Sebelum berada dalam masa trainee, suho sudah mendalami training yang cukup lama jadi ia menganggap dirinya berada di atas member-member yang lain.

Karena itu jugalah ia meraih status sebagai leader, karena pengalamannya saat itu. Suho tidak debut untuk waktu yang lama karena menurut pandangan perusahaan ia belum siap, jadi mereka memandang suho sebagai kegagalan dibanding berpengalaman. Hubungannya dengan kris sebatas saling menghormati, bukan persahabatan, dan hanya dimulai ketika EXO mulai dibentuk. Kalau untuk masalah pacaran, dia telah banyak pacaran selama di SM.

Exo (band)

Japanese reactions to Kai and Krystal “Kai will have less otakus now” “Amazing that he still went on a public date knowing that journalists followed him last time when he was with Taemin” “I realized while looking at Dispatch’s pictures that Krystal has a large face” “He said in his vivi interview that he liked women who resemble him and that he would confess his feelings for a woman like that. Well, looks like he already did. They could’ve been more careful or made separate reservations. Did they want to date like any other non-celebrity couple?

What is he doing? It would’ve been nice if they just said they were close friends.

K-POP BROTHERS: SHINee’s Taemin & EXO’s Kai Taemin and Kai joined forces on M! Resultado de imagen para exo kai y taemin Find images and videos about kpop, couple and exo on We Heart It – the app to get lost in what you love.

Apparently they broke up before their debut. Then, do you think the cast members’ emotions toward their partners are real? Well, some of you may wonder if the couple’s love for each other is real. I like a woman who has a beautiful mind. It is no wonder Taemin and Sulli shared such a bond. But, actually, she was dating somebody else in the real world at the time, while her real boyfriend was one of the most popular Korean stars. We do a lot of really fun things.

Kai is spotted hanging out with this idol right before his dating news broke out By

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